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Alhamdulillah, in the experiment stage ^_^|| huhu!

Alhamdulillah, my status now is the experiment stage … hoho I have 3 month to build the prototype from my research algorithm. Caiyoks !


my work progress

alhamdulillah.. huhu there are a lots of things ..and now i am focusing with the image processing…haha one of my favorite degree class ^_^||

Today is the day?

Alhamdulillah… i had present those slide to my supervisor..and the important part is..i do get the date to present my proposal to the comittee.. 2 May 2008. hmm… i need to stop writting for a while…haha i need to recheck my proposal… the measurement scale and the design model… in order to ensure my proposal is valid … i need to emphesis the measuremant scale… i am also waitting for reply from other steganographer which i had create a scientific colaboration with them.. it is tough because this field is still young … and still a green field..many part need to discover..

So dear, what should i do? read …read… and a critical thingking … your brain is the research tools ! subhanallah… may Allah always with me.. amiin..Insyaallah today i will try my best ! GambatE !!!!