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Stage One – Case Study: JImage


hmm.. since i had go through the experiment stage.. i had to find out the tools needed for the system requirement …by using ” Digital image + Java ” Keyword..alhamdulillah i had flooded is time to choose and read the most related information..insyaallah..

my target for this week is make quick case study about JImage and re-flow my flow chart …

I had found the similar prototype with mine .. nVivo.. the qualitative research tools application ..hmm.. i still try to understand how the implementation of character regonition was done here..hoho…

Insyaallah by in the middle of August I am clear with my system.

The system analysis is the most important part. The precise analysis will help much in the development stage 🙂

Ya Allah, may i faced all circumstances smoothly ameen…


The Blossom of July ….

:: Bismillahirrahmanirrahim ::


WOW! it being a ‘years’ i did’nt write entry. Hmm.. just take a break for a while. Insyaallah i will be more FOCUS to my research! yeah! that’s the spirit ~

Alhamdulillah ! go for the next step dear !

Alhamdulillah … i had present my proposal confidently… (haha.. actually there is one concept i did not clear yet ..HUHU) .. however, my supervisor and committee member had give encourage ..yeah!! i am in love with my research …hehehe.. hmm.. for 3 days forwards i had things to done, therefore today and tomorrow i need to enforce my self to gathered all the information needed.. I hope i can finish my research sooner.. amiin .. thank you ALLAH !

Today is my proposal presentation day ^_^

Alhamdulillah it si 9.57 am… i am waitting my turn at 11 am.. just now… 9.00 am i had done my mock presentation alone ..hehe in Lecture Room 1 @ my faculty..alhamdulillah ..i manage to present within the time given….

alhamdulillah !

hmm next things to do?

is there any correction i need to make? hehe ..just wait n see..n prepare to here any comments and critics from the comittee .. wwwooooooooowww!

Alhamdulillah ! tomorrow is the day !

alhamdulillah! tomorrow will be my presentation day! 21 Mei 2008 ! wow !  it is a very late … to present a proposal… if i look into my gant chart today should be in the experimentation line in my milestone.. haha

however … the journey is far..far away…

I am preparred! alhamdullillah… i had done my mock presenttaion.. draft proposal.. i had sent to my co-spvsr …but he did not reply..may be he is to busy with his proposal too.. hehe he will present before my presentation 😀

Okey… what should i do next ! will not rush any more… i will make sure i am achieve my timeline and my milestone !

Alhamdulillah  i had found my proper place to study ! heheh more passion ! It is a Library ^_^ hehe

ok …i need to rescheldue my day foward !

salamsss! may Allah with me always ! amiiin !

rush hour? stay calm dear…

Alhamdulillah the system development-> implementation -> data presentation + edit one more round…print ! phew caiyok 3 hour left !

today the finalize day .. woho |!^_^

La hawta wala quwwata ILIa biLlah = ” There is no power and no strength save in Allah.” … Alhamdulillah last night i had done till achieve my target.. however 12.30 am.. i am flatten… tired… and today i will do my best!.. i have to set up the presentation @ the seminar room by this evening..means..i have to print the proposal and the slides.. woho ! caiyoks ! hmm… do the best the best … La hawta wala quwwata ILIa biLlah = ” There is no power and no strength save in Allah.” I praise for strength from my LORD lil Al-amin… Allah !

alhamdulillah !

alhamdulillah praise to Allah! today Allah lead my way …Alhamdulillah.. i had found the measurement and the stand point for my research… Start from morning untill 1.30 pm i do the correction to my proposal… the system requirement and methodology i had draft … so tonight i will do the writting … and prepare the slide.. i need to print my proposal tomorrow.. up to 40 pages of proposal and up to 35 slides for my proposal presentation..

Alhamdulillah… may Allah with me ! amiin !

Force your self ! you can do IT

Alhamdulillah .. last week ..a couples of day i have to face some obstacles.. alhamdulillah today and the onwards days.. i will face it toughfly.. haha i am lacking of vocabulary ..hmm.. my housemate remind me to read loudly any pharagraph of english text everyday in 5-10 minutes to enure you are speaking fluently.. insyaallah i will practicing it 🙂 ..

Ok lets we look up my task today…

  • study the arabic script – alhamdulillah done !
  • re view the anchor paper and at the same time enhanced the slide presentation – alhamdulillah done !
  • re check the objective Alhamdulillah, now i am recheck the: terms, LR, measurement, methodology, system architecture.. wow! i though i had done.. never mind … do the best for the best ! Alhamdulillah a little bit more (@ faculty and now the time is 10.30 pm) hmm.. i need to packing and go back home.. have a refreshment and continue a little bit more !
  • re check every single part of the slide hoho

the  proposal mostly completed. insyaallah my target by tomorrow evening i have to submit my draft. FOCUS !!! Ya Allah…lead me the way …amiin.. –> huhu i did not achieve the target 😦  caiyoks ! don`t give up dear !


day by day ..wuuuuhu!


Alhamdulillah… today is Saturday and the time now is 12 pm.. Alhamdulillah  after manage my house chores in the morning, i decide to reschedule my task. Urgent and important 🙂

13 : check abstract n algorithm + get the Arabic resources

comment : hmm.. still doesn’t get the best algo

12 : start with review and recheck the gantt chart done by 1.00pm , went to the faculty by 2.00 pm

task:find the related arabic articel to review.. by 4.13pm went home..went to faculty at 9.00pm till 10.40 pm.. alhamdulillah get JAVA resources.. hmm.. i want to continue at home..insyaallah if i am not sleepy ..heh

11 :submit the draft for comment

10 : do correction

09 : add up LR

08: system requirement (more data)

07: re submitt draft

06: LR recheck

05: LR : hohjo the draft not subbmitted yet ! never mind i will try my best !

04: refine


02: mock presentation + accelerate confidence

01: The day !

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