Force your self ! you can do IT

Alhamdulillah .. last week ..a couples of day i have to face some obstacles.. alhamdulillah today and the onwards days.. i will face it toughfly.. haha i am lacking of vocabulary ..hmm.. my housemate remind me to read loudly any pharagraph of english text everyday in 5-10 minutes to enure you are speaking fluently.. insyaallah i will practicing it 🙂 ..

Ok lets we look up my task today…

  • study the arabic script – alhamdulillah done !
  • re view the anchor paper and at the same time enhanced the slide presentation – alhamdulillah done !
  • re check the objective Alhamdulillah, now i am recheck the: terms, LR, measurement, methodology, system architecture.. wow! i though i had done.. never mind … do the best for the best ! Alhamdulillah a little bit more (@ faculty and now the time is 10.30 pm) hmm.. i need to packing and go back home.. have a refreshment and continue a little bit more !
  • re check every single part of the slide hoho

the  proposal mostly completed. insyaallah my target by tomorrow evening i have to submit my draft. FOCUS !!! Ya Allah…lead me the way …amiin.. –> huhu i did not achieve the target 😦  caiyoks ! don`t give up dear !



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