day by day ..wuuuuhu!


Alhamdulillah… today is Saturday and the time now is 12 pm.. Alhamdulillah  after manage my house chores in the morning, i decide to reschedule my task. Urgent and important 🙂

13 : check abstract n algorithm + get the Arabic resources

comment : hmm.. still doesn’t get the best algo

12 : start with review and recheck the gantt chart done by 1.00pm , went to the faculty by 2.00 pm

task:find the related arabic articel to review.. by 4.13pm went home..went to faculty at 9.00pm till 10.40 pm.. alhamdulillah get JAVA resources.. hmm.. i want to continue at home..insyaallah if i am not sleepy ..heh

11 :submit the draft for comment

10 : do correction

09 : add up LR

08: system requirement (more data)

07: re submitt draft

06: LR recheck

05: LR : hohjo the draft not subbmitted yet ! never mind i will try my best !

04: refine


02: mock presentation + accelerate confidence

01: The day !


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