Thank You Allah !

Alhamdulillah…. Thank you Allah… Thank you Allah !

Today after doing house chores,  with basmalah i went to the faculty and attend the seminar. Hmm.. a talk by Dr. Ian Philips about internet performance and also a brief about univesity of Loughbrough. I love to attend seminar .. learn how to present and how to attract with audience.. different presenter have their different style. the strengthen from each presenter may help ourselves.

Another appointment …


Date : 6 May 2008 (Tuesday)
Time : 9.00 am – 12.00 pm
Venue : Main Lecture Hall (Dewan Kuliah Utama), FSKTM
Speaker : Profesor Ir. Dr. Mohd. Sapuan Salit
(Fakulti of Engineering)

Notes: Attendance is compulsory to final year students.

Thank you.


Insyaallah i want to involve.

Thanks Allah ! I had meet the postgraduate’s administrator at my faculty to reallocate my teaching schedule for next semester.  Alhamdulillah… Allah give me a chance to do the best for my proposal where my proposal presentation was postponed till 16 May…. hoho.. i have 16 extra day to do the best … caiyoks!

Thanks Allah!

I had a chat with my “klik” just now at the seminar… we share our research problems.. hmm….alhamdulillah they are helping me much.. through their experience and their milestone of research, i do get a big picture on what i need to do and improve.. alhamdulillah..

OK … let have a new check list… yesterday  i finished my work till 12.30 am after tired forcing my brain to think ..hoho.. ok dear…let continue reschedule our works .. NEXXXXTTT !!!!


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