International Conference On Post Graduate Education 2008

“Postgraduate Education: Multidisciplinary Perspectives” will be held from December 16-18, 2008 in Penang, Malaysia.

The 3rd International Conference on “Postgraduate Education: Multidisciplinary Perspectives” will be held from December 16-18, 2008 in Penang, Malaysia. It will be hosted by Universiti Sains Malaysia, in cooperation with the Deans Council of Graduate Schools and the Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia. The 1st conference on higher education was organized by University Malaya in 2004 while the 2nd conference on higher education was organized by University Malaysia Sarawak in 2006.

This Conference will be a meeting of minds to primarily discuss on significant issues which focus on multidisciplinary perspectives in higher education. The conference will provide a vibrant scholarly space to critically and creatively engage with new ideas and research about teaching and lifelong learning in higher education. In addition to researcher and student presentations, experts of the region will also be invited to give keynote speeches, sharing their insights on challenges and issues facing contemporary scholarship on higher education.

As the chairperson of this esteemed Postgraduate International Conference this year, I would like to personally extend my invitation to experts in the higher education, heads/administrators of higher education institutions, scholars, researchers, graduate, postgraduate students and representatives of interested organizations and foundations to participate in this esteemed conference to exchange opinions, experiences, views, and discuss new trends in higher education and its management. It is in this light that the theme of the 3rd international conference, seeks to promote our diverse and varied membership to meet and share our experiences on research, ideas of improvements in the quality, relevance, efficiency, and flexibility of higher education systems in order to stimulate a country’s engagement with the global knowledge economy.

Take this opportunity to write and publish paper

The fees is RM 200 for post grad student ! JOMMM!!!



  1. yanti Said:

    Congratulation for..this big even…
    I am yanti…, mother of 3 kids… (the yougest is Autism kid)
    Hmmm its kind of dreaming… if I can joint this even…
    The reasen I wrote here… is…..just to ask…
    if you don’t mind… let the “special needs” issue is the one of…the important issue in this conferense…

    Thank you so much…

    Best Regard….

  2. alfaqirah Said:

    Insyaallah, there will be… thanks for your support !

  3. adawiah Said:

    salam aliffah..
    where can i get the form?
    thanks ya for the information

  4. alfaqirah Said:

    w`salam, hey how`s ur research ha? hehe.. go to this link okey for more details 😉

  5. adra8311 Said:

    so far ok la..belum training data lagi. dah masuk development boleh botak kepala..hahhaa..

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