end of 2/4 day ! yippeee!

Alhamdulillah….my opinion about the presentation purpose is mainly to guide the journey of the research. This will examine our previous work in the previous semester weather it is full fill the “validity” of the research requirement or not.

hoho.. the brain is the main tools of the research..therefore, we need others people to give advice, comment and lead the way if it is wrong.. so, no worries about the presentation for this first phase. Just present your work as you present weekly to the supervisor.. concern with  the main point emphasised by the supervisor. If you did not found a way to resolve it, make sure you have a fact that can confidently show you have try your best and will achieve your target.

Hmm.. mostly, the comittee floor will throw up question relate on what you want to archieve by the end of your research? ( product? algorithm? ) Moreover, the possibility of your architecture…is it possible to contribute to a new knowledge? …then, is yes..is it original?… next is the measurement… how do you compare it with any related work?  how you measure that your model is be improve by the previous one? prove it. Next, is about the data… introduce your data set .. what you will collect? what you will use for the experiment… moreover is the requirement for your system ( prototype) what language you will used for the programming…and so on …so on..either software or hardware.

Phew! hmmm.. based on what i had wrote above..it is what i need to focus and i need do it now. All the resource is in my hand..now, it is how you handle the resources.

hmm..nani doesn’t present yet.. her committee members fly to Vietnam for a conference, therefore her presentation will be postponed. wow! praise to Allah. hehe.. ( can i have a chance?  = postpone my presentation..haha the Charmain will be at German on my presentation day..) hmm.. i don’t know.. but till now there is no presentation updates..seems the schedule is fixed and my supervisor said there will be someone replace his sit, so what i should do is always be PREPARED!

Hmm.. what ever… i am tired… owh ya! about the conference! i will issue this event to my supervisor in our next meeting session. wow ! the work burdens was pulling my leg now. haha the time is 8.15 pm ! to much mumbling 😛 wokeh.. RUSH our beb ! Start with Basmalah !



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