more you read ..more you will dig it… hohoho

Alhamdulillah… phew! take a break… there is a list of text steganography i need to search and understand… almost 11 sub topic. hmm.. lets go window shopping for a steganography books hehe..

hmm… will help much.. most of the books  we have in UPM library..alhamdulillah..only “the most i want” heh..

Information Hiding Techniques for Steganography and Digital Watermarking

by: Stefan Katzenbeisser (Editor), Fabien, A.P. Petitcolas (Editor)

let search if there is a stock in the bookstore; hmm.. kinokunya, mph, times… just type those keyword and search..they have online service.

owh! they did not have the books! I need to order it .. let see…

kinokuniya : Tel: 03-2164 8133


Book Availability or
Special Orders
(603) 2938 3818
(603) 7726 9003

hmm.. i will try to ORDER from both of them.. RM 200 for my books.. hopefully worth !OK i need to get a refreshment .. wassalam ..


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  1. alfaqirah Said:

    i had read most of the author’s journal.. so there is no doubt to buy this book 🙂 … the shipping will took almost a month .hah ! need to order it as soon as possible ASAP !

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