end of day 1/4

Alhamdulillah… DONE ! the previous work was done…add more anchor paper ..alhamdulillah.. haha this will help me to do a comparison in order to understand the measurement scale. eemm..I have a scientific collaboration with others steganographer which doing the same research huh… waiting for their reply. I had post an ‘ambiguity’ question… hmm.. hopefully i do get a reply soon.

tomorrow will be the 2nd day of my countdown…


day 1 LR part which consist of the previous work (DONE) and the steganalysis part. Recheck the slide also (TONIGHT). Alhamdulillah… done by 12.30 midnight…. ^_^


day 2 : Today Task !

  • The anchor paper : Start: 10.07 am End:12.18 pm alhamdulillah

hoho .. my research’s mate have a presentation today at 2 pm …. i want to attend..yeah, can learn something rite? as schedule there will be 3 presenter for this evening.. wokeh i will spent my time [2.00pm-4.00pm] hmmm…

  • The measurement part : Start : 12.18 Break :1.00 continue:8.00 pm End:1.00am

Alhamdulillah… after witness the others presenter.. i got many guideline to ensure my proposal well done!

  • experimental design
  • Finalize the slide
  • Send for check by the co supervisor.


day 3 do the correction + Slide

day 4 MOCK presentation ! stay calm my dear…

PRESENTATION DAY ! Go ! Khalifah of Allah !


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