Today for Tomorrow?

:: BIsmillahirrahmanirrahim ::

Alhamdulillah yesterday I had gathered the important source website information and journals in pdf. Today what i need to focus on is reading and manipulate those information. Wah ! this is the challenging part.. create your own word and sentences to explain and elaborate a theory or given fact.

I am late today .. heh just give a break for my self today as repay for yesterday …i thought πŸ˜› hehe… but the time is going to kill me ! ARGGH! so..i need to move foward and read..write …write.. Insyaallah i will drop by here chat , is my waitting list :

3.5.2 Steganography in Image done @ 11.11 am phew !

3.5.2 Steganography in Audio done @ 2.53 pm ~ huhu take a break at 12.30 pm just now… right back at 2.00 pm

3.5.3 Steganography in Video done @ 3.15 pm ~ Alhamdulillah ! keep writting and reading ! caiyoks

****** Break : searching for conference paper ********

continue @ 4.08 pm ….

3.5.4 Steganography in Text done @ 4.28 pm .. Alhamdulillah ! Asar prayer πŸ™‚

hmm..just take a deep breath.. “tafakur” a moment..continue reading ” Mencari mutiara didasar hati”, break fasting and have a maghrib prayer.. I arrive library at 8.33 pm…phew!

haah ! i make a slide presentation preparation [ all the content are from my proposal ]…. this is more priority because i have to present to my supervisor tomorrow… not in formal, means to show my progress presently.

huhu.. my waiting and pending list !

3.6 Text Steganography

3.7 Digital Text and Jawi Character Set

3.9 Issue in steganography

wE moVe Foward with The Kalimah Bismillahirrahmanirrahim ! Allahumma yassir wala tu assirr !

10.24 am … the clock is ticking dear !

Alhamdulillah… the slide presentation is ready to be present daftly to prof tomorrow.. the time is 10.15 pm.. wargh .. i need to pack up to go back home (Baitul Ukhwah). After refreshing my self.. i will make a cup of Radix Coffee and continue recheck my slides and also my proposal… also …prepare the check list for my appointment tomorrow … HuHu the day seems pack because the previous day i had ‘do’ something much important ‘thing’ πŸ™‚ sacrifice hehe…Β  wink..wink ^_^ …wokeh .. see ya!




  1. khema Said:

    hohoho….wassup wassup……may I come in dearest sis?? πŸ˜›

  2. alfaqirah Said:

    salams my dear sis khema.. welcome2… haha let us share our ‘joy’ in doing our research ? kwang..kwang..kwang…

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