welcome me !

Alhamdulillah.. praise to Allah the almighty God…

welcome me!

This is my second journal of life. hmm.. previously i had a personal journal at www.nuuralif.multiply.com. I am intend to build my own websites and it is in process ( an-nuur-studio.net). I am still wondering why i love to blog rather than update my own website.. hehe.. hmm.. the new born of this blog is to documented online my current research for reference in the future. I used to update my daily journal in my personal journal aNNur include my research progress. There is a lot of tag to differ the categories of what i want to share … but, i feel more passion to my research if i build up a specific blog that will compress all the related information. Further more, i can lookup the progress of the information i had gathered and also the milestone of my research. hahah and this will be a part of my effort to improve my English

My background

I am a post graduate student from University Putra Malaysia (UPM). Graduate in Computer Science majoring Multimedia (Jun 2006). After freshly graduate, I participated in Aptech Certified Computer Proffesional (ACCP) program under collaboration of Aptech and PSMB. This Software Specialist Program consist of two phase, the off job training ( 5 month ) and the on job training (3 month) .

Phase one of the program was focus on the theoretical part ( it a list of programming language and skills to write here..if you are interested to know what it is.. PM me ok ? hehe ) and the on job training is an industry training which i am chosen to intern at IDEC, UPM. 3 month enrich with experience! i love it…

In April 2004, I try my best to apply as Research Assistant at Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology. Under the Multimedia department i start to involve with the research stuff and i found it is VERY FUN ! i love it.

Further Study

to be continue … i am starving ..hehe .. nearly lunch time …

hmm.. 2.30 pm.. alhamdulillah for the lunch just now 😀

My passion to study blossom since i am doing my degree… alhamdulillah, i had continue my master (Jun 2007 intake) and now i am in second semester. My master research… hmmm, i am specifically involve in computer security ( information security ) which concentrate in Steganography..

well … let begins our journey…may Allah with us ! amen … !


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