Steganography an Introduction

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Hmm.. basically i had done this introduction for many times… however, as my supervisor said..” you must master it, starts from the fundamental part” hehe.. therefore, it is not a bored things if it is repetitious.. haha this will sharpen my fundamental in steganography rite?

Okey.. this is some of my research on the sub topic that i need to finish for my proposal “Steganography in many digital media”

what do i found ?

Steganography (literally “covered writing”) is a technique designed to secure a message for transit by hiding that message within another object so that the message is concealed to everyone but the intended recipient.

The word steganography is derived from the Greek words “steganos,” which means covered, and “graphia,” which means “writing”. In contrast, cryptography is about rendering the message (which is typically very noticeable) unintelligible to the unauthorized person. This technique differs from cryptography, which is the technique whereby the message is visible but encrypted to prevent access. Steganographic messages may, or may not be encrypted.

Modern advances in computer, communication, and signal processing have enabled the discovery of more sophisticated techniques of steganography. These advances have broadened steganography’s use to include various types of medium and various forms of information. The developed techniques allow text, audio, video, graphics, or codes to be concealed in printed or electronic documents containing text, graphics, or images. These techniques also let messages be embedded in electronic audio or video files.

When the concealed message is related to the cover media, or when the size of the concealed message is small, the underlying technology is commonly referred to as digital watermarking. Although digital watermarking techniques often focus on reducing the visibility of the hidden message, invisibility is not as critical a requirement in digital watermarking as it is in steganography.

Digital watermarks have been used as a means of hiding steganographic messages in a variety of objects, including media like images, audio, and video. The use of steganography and digital watermarking techniques is not exclusive to their intended applications. A digital watermarking technique can also be used for secret communication of information, and steganography can be used for one of the aforementioned applications of digital watermarking.

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